Oppo Reno latest phone release 2019 review

I like to mix things up a bit I don't just focus on laptops tablets it keeps things interesting for not only me but you the viewers so right here I've got the Oppo Reno.  This is the base model with a Snapdragon 710 six gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage now it has a pop-up camera now that's nothing new it's not unique but what is unique about the design of it is it looks like a shark fin so that houses all 16-megapixel front-facing camera.

Oppo reno storage and speed

The 2019 oppo reno model has Snapdragon 710 six gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage. So file transfer speed is quite good and then other models. But if you send more files like videos, albums then mobile speed is not enough. You need to take an assist from the third-party app like Xshare app. you can download the latest 2019 Xshare apk file using this official website. 

 It also houses the rear flash oddly enough and the earpiece too as well now because we don't have any knotch the viewing experience is excellent, and you can see slim bezels.  And it is a significant six point four inch Samsung AMOLED panel very quick peek at the box so it's a very long box as you can see to get the phone out of this.

 Now I picked up this one here from trading shinjin, in fact, they sent it to me this as a loan unit.  So we have the phone itself under this we have the charger, and I can see we've got a case so this charger here is rated to 5 volts four amps it's 20 watts, and it will charge the phone fully in about one hour and 20 minutes.

So it's, but you have to use that exact charger if you apply for example a Qualcomm quick charge three chargers.  Then it will take a lot longer we'll just run in at 5 volts 2 amps I believe here's the case they've got so it looks like it's TPU style, but I can feel that it is hard in the middle, so we've got the soft rubber on the outer edges.


Reno camera features

 It's a hard plastic that's inside this and then our cable of course in white we have some earphones so good to say that they've actually included something else for us and there is al intel right there so the rear of the phone I am really impressed with the design of this it looks really good.

 This is not the model with the 5 times optical zoom or 6 times optical 10 hybrid otherwise you would see then the third camera so we've got a primary 48 megapixel sensor here with an F 1.7 aperture above that 5 megapixels for our depth of field and you can see that this tiny little knob where it sticks out it.

 Doesn't do anything well it does part of the design of it I think is to raise it a little bit if you've got it sitting on a table then it won't end up scratching the camera lens which is part of the rear glass on it.

 So yes it's an all glass phone and of course it is going to be slippery that's part of the reason probably why they included their case for us now in hand feels very good I like the fact they work on the rounded itches here.  And the position of that power button is good so right here, and then you got the volume rockers on the other side which I think it's a good move. 

So you don't have to move your thumb up then to adjust the volume, and you unlock like tapping it later. And then pressing those two buttons now these buttons are made out of metal they do not rattle around we have antenna lines you can see right here.


Reno display specification

So there's one on the left-hand side and one on the right, and down the very bottom here as you can view so, we've got 3.5-millimeter headphone jack microphone type-c USB one. 

 So it doesn't support display out our loudspeaker, and then we have a SIM tray which is right on the left-hand side just above those two volume buttons the shelf will house two nano SIM so no micro SD card support here and it does have this purple rubber gasket around it. you can easily setup a lot of music players to this Oppo reno model. we recommend Pandora premium apk app for your Oppo reno smartphone.

 So this is to keep out dust I don't believe this has any IP rating no it doesn't have an IP rating but maybe splashes if you did happen to get a few around water shouldn't seep in at least through here.

 But probably through the top camera speaking of which this is the different camera that has that looks like a very cooling shark fin.

So when you press the front-facing camera, see how it has that cute little effector on the outside. you can use easily this model for whatsapp web chat because Oppo reno model has amazing front camera. 

 Then it pops up you can hear a tiny little buzz of the motor there and the mechanism pushing it up I'll do that one more time for you because it is pretty cool the way it does it.

 So it pops up very quickly it has that little animation around the outer edges of that AMOLED screen so the case as expected fits it perfectly and offers excellent protection so will protect the screen against scratches because if you place it face down the raised edges on it.

Keep the glass away from the surface will go security for the ports on the bottom and the buttons wholly protected as well the only open place is the top for the camera of course which needs to up so they cannot cover that.


Reno firmware and software updates

 So you can see here with the about phone having the white screen that the bezels are slim either side no ugly, not CH this is just all screen where they 93.1% screen to body ratio, so it runs Android 9 it's color OS version 6 which is their skin and my vision as the 128 gigabyte model.

 So on first boot, you get approximately 104 gigabytes free the Android security patch level as April v the screen is a Samsung our layer panel 6.4 inches it has a resolution of 23 40 by 1080p the Gamo comes out to be about 2.3 ideally it should be 2.2.

 It's not too far off, and it does have excellent brightness, and maximum brightness is just going to kill my current camera settings right now, so that tops out about 800 likes, and yes you can make it out in direct sunlight too.  It's quite visible, and as you would expect for an AMOLED panel that blacks do look very good, we've got a good contrast on this screen.

So they are deep blacks their colors real-world images also look quite decent and overall the touch response is good the accuracy no problems this is an adorable screen that is posed gone for now as mentioned it's running color OS, so that's where I'm skin on top of Android 9, and I don't particularly like it.

 It is straightforward through the use of it.  So if you have used for example me why then you'll be right at home here because the performance and how it works is very similar but not the performance it's much better I've found very smooth to the point that it doesn't feel like a Snapdragon 710.


Oppo Reno late phone release 2019

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